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DURAM RUBBER PRODUCTS manufactures high quality technical rubber parts for the agricultural, electronics, construction, safety and security industries.  Among our main poduct lines are a wide range of O-rings for various applications; a large variety of picking fingers for all types of pickers available on the international market, supplied in several hardness degrees and also in anti-bacterial compounds; rubber slings for the automotive industry, for fastening truck covers and other applications; various gaskets, seals and machetes for sanitary equipment, PVC pipes and irrigation systems; technical parts for the electronic and security industry; and many custom made rubber parts for different applications as well as parts for agricultural machinery such as doffers and moistening systems for cotton pickers.



Poultry Picking fingers


Diaphragms for Thigh Deboners

sonia (2)

Pigs Dehairing Products

כוכב גזר

Agriculture Machinery Parts


Machinery parts


Irrigation and sanitary equipment


Technical rubber parts


Rubber slings


As DURAM’s subsidiary, DURAM MASK is a manufacturer of specialty personal escape masks. 

DURAM MASK™ have been providing innovative solutions to the chemical, oil, defense and mining industries since 1989. We sets a new benchmark in personal safety, especially crafted escape masks that are compact in size, light, and supply ample respiratory protection in emergencies. 

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