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An ISO 9001 approved company, using state-of-the-art technology, DURAM abides by a philosophy of maintaining close ties with its clients and paying attention to the feedback of its end users in order to continually develop and improve its product line.

Quality certifications & approvals

Iso 9001
Iso 9001
Iso 14001
ISO 14001 CERT

Rubber testing lab

DURAM RUBBER PRODUCTS modern testing laboratory compliments the multi-level quality control applied throughout every manufacturing stage of every product and is testimony to our commitment to the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction possible.

Duram’s stringent quality control mechanism can assure that your requirements are met or surpassed using a wide variety of specialized equipment to perform a range of tests such as:

Testing Equipment

  • Roterless Curemeter – used for testing rubber property vulcanization characteristics according to ASTM Method D5289
  • Mettler Analytical Balance – Determines the density of rubber compounds according to ASTM Method D297
  • Tensile Testers – Determines physical properties of cured rubber compounds according to ASTM Method D412
  • Mittutoyo Optical Comparator – Determines certain dimensional characteristics of various molded rubber products
  • Shore Durometer Tester – For measurement according to ASTM D2240
  • Alpha Technologies Mooney MV 2000 – Used to evaluate viscosity, relaxation and scorch of incoming materials prior to molding, according to ASTM D1646
  • Optical Gaging Products Avant – Automatic Vision measuring machine – verifies dimensional characteristics of various molded rubber products

Additional ASTM Testing Methods used by Duram Rubber Products

  • ASTM D395 – Standard Test Methods for Rubber Property – Compression Set
  • ASTM D471 – Standard Test Method for Rubber Property – Effect of Liquids
  • ASTM D573 – Standard Test Method for Rubber – Deterioration in an Air Oven
  • ASTM D624 – Standard Test Method for Tear Strength of Conventional Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • ASTM 1414 – Standard Test Methods for Rubber O-Rings
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